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Dietary Fruit Vs. Vegetables for Preventing Arthritis?

Dietary Fruit Vs. Vegetables for Preventing Arthritis?

Fruits Vs. Vegetables:

Of the vegetables and fruit food group, which component may be more important for your joint health–Vegetables or Fruit?

The consumption of both vegetables and fruit are both very important to maintain our overall health. However, in terms of the health of our joints, a recent study suggests that fruit consumption may play a more important role than vegetables (Wang et al, 2007).

“Intake of vegetables and other carotenoids was not significantly associated with cartilage or bone measures. The present study suggests a beneficial effect of fruit consumption and vitamin C intake as they are associated with a reduction in bone size and the number of bone marrow lesions, both of which are important in the pathogenesis of knee osteoarthritis” (Wang et al, 2007).

If you suffer from arthritis, make sure that you maintain an adequate intake of fruit! This study suggests that consuming fruit may be beneficial for those with knee osteoarthritis.


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  • Clotilde M.

    Thank you for that post! My mom is elderly but has been a vegan and great fruit eater for many years and I see how active she is for her age and am reassured of how important a balanced and good nutrition is. It will tell with time!

    • Jarret Morrow, M.D.

      Clotide, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post about the importance of fruits and vegetables. It sounds like your grandmother is leading a great example.

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