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How to Shrink Your Enlarged Prostate Naturally?


How to Shrink Your Enlarged Prostate Naturally?

Considered a normal part of aging, benign prostatic hypertrophy is also a common health condition.  In fact, an estimated 14 million men in the United States have this condition.

For those who suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy which is also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, they’ll probably tell you that there’s nothing normal about the urinary frequency, hesitancy, or urgency that they experience–not to mention the straining or poor urine stream.  Yes, these are all symptoms of this condition.

How Is Benign Prostate Hypertrophy Diagnosed?

Tests that your doctor will perform to make this diagnosis include the dreaded digital rectal exam, a prostate-specific antigen test, and others (ultrasound).  It’s also important that your doctor rules out other possible causes of these symptoms such as prostate or bladder cancer.

If you’re diagnosed with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), your doctor may discuss treatment options with various types of medications such as Finasteride (Proscar) or Dutasteride (Avodart).

Alternatives Treatments to Shrink Your Prostate?

1. Saw Palmetto

  • 320 mg per day in a single or 2 divided doses.

2. Lycopene

  • 15 mg/d

3. Zinc?

  • Evidence for the efficacy of zinc is currently lacking

4. Pygeum Extract

  • 75 to 200 mg per day of standardized pygeum extact
  • Research suggests that pygeum (P. africanum) helps to reduce nocturnal symptoms, hesitancy, and urgency (30-40% reduction in symptoms)
  • No evidence that it reduces the size of the prostate gland or reverse BPH.

Saw Palmetto Extract for Prostate Enlargement?

In Europe, saw palmetto is a popular option for treating BPH though it is not considered the standard of care in the United States.  It’s still the most popular herb used for treating this condition.

From Medline Plus:

“Numerous human trials report that saw palmetto improves symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) such as nighttime urination, urinary flow, and overall quality of life, although it may not greatly reduce the size of the prostate. The effectiveness may be similar to the medication finasteride (Proscar®) with fewer side effects.”

Overall, Medline Plus gives saw palmetto a grade A for level of evidence.  Few severe side effects of saw palmetto have been reported in the scientific literature (Avins et al, 2008).

(Update 2019 from Medline Plus) –

“High-quality scientific studies have shown that saw palmetto is no more effective than a placebo (an inactive substance) in relieving urinary tract symptoms caused by prostate enlargement. These studies include a 2011 NIH-funded study that tested saw palmetto in amounts up to three times the usual dose.”

Prevent Prostate Enlargement Lycopene?

Lycopene is less well-studied for the treatment of BPH compared to saw palmetto.  However, researchers are beginning to study the role of lycopene (from tomatoes) in the prevention of prostate cancer and for the management of BPH.  A recent pilot study by Schwartz et al (2008) found that consuming 15 mg/d of lycopene extract actually inhibited the progression of BPH.

In that sense, lycopene extract may have more of a role in preventing your prostate from becoming enlarged.  Speaking of prostate cancer, researchers in France suggest that supplements may play a role in preventing prostate cancer (Desgrandchamps et al, 2010).

Specifically, they included lycopene, Vitamin D, pomegranate juice, and omega-3 fatty acids as supplements that have been shown to have a protective role in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Dietary Factors and Your Prostate Health?

For those who’re looking to shrink their prostate naturally, there are also important changes to your diet that can be helpful.  A study examining the risk factors for developing BPH followed 4,770 men for a period of 9 years.  The researchers found some evidence that supplementation with lycopene, vitamin D, and zinc may reduce the risk of BPH (Kristal et al, 2008).

As well, the study authors concluded:

“A diet low in fat and red meat and high in protein and vegetables, as well as regular alcohol consumption, may reduce the risk of symptomatic BPH.”


  • Most guidelines recommend referral to a urologist if you have an abnormal Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) or a PSA above age-adjusted reference values.
  • Consider dietary supplements including saw palmetto extract and lycopene
  • A diet low in fat and red meat
  • A diet high in protein and vegetables
  • Alcohol consumption (in moderation)


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  • Michael P.

    Everything that you suggested above can really help prevent BPH. Thanks for sharing this information. These are very helpful information and can really help those who have an enlarged prostate.

  • Sonali K.

    I'm a representative of Health Plus, Inc., and a great way to keep your prostate healthy is with Prostate Cleanse, a part of our Total Body Cleanse System! Prostate Cleanse is a dietary supplement that contains Saw Palmetto, which you can see the importance of from this article.

  • Jason Sage

    There are several herbal remedies out on the market as well. They are guaranteed safe.

    • Jarret

      Jason, there certainly is encouraging evidence for natural methods to keep the prostate in check.

  • Brent Cullen

    The scary thing is that there are a lot of men over 50 years of age who never have their prostrate checked. This should be a must for every man as it could end up saving their life as early detection is the key to cancer survival.

    • Dean

      The guidelines for getting prostate screening are always changing. It's confusing to keep up. I personally would prefer getting screened.

  • Robert

    I have been seeing my uroligist for almost 3 months and no relief with antibiotics. I had an ultra sound and he said there are a few stones there but that was typical and is not an issue with my pain and said it was normal in size with no signs of anything. My last visit he said I don't know what to do with you. He then prescribed me some anti depressants and the first day my pain went away. Hmmmm, go figure. I don't want to be on these pills because they make me feel wierd. Is there any other way? After reading the above I'm going to try Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Vitamine D, and change my diet to a high protien and vegetable diet. I hope this helps. Do you know anything about external prostate massage. I recently ordered one of those that you sit on and haven't received it yet. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

    • jarretmorrow

      Hi Robert, it sounds like a pretty frustrating situation. First, I have to point out that I do not provide medical advice within the context of my blog. It's also very important to let your doctor know about any herbs/supplements you're taking and to discuss these options with them. Generally speaking prostate massage should be avoided in those who're suspected of having acute prostatitis since it can cause bacteremia (spread of bacteria into the blood). For those who're suspected of having chronic bacterial prostatitis, some urologists will do a test call the four-glass test which involves using the technique of prostate massage to collect specimens from the prostate to analyze for white blood cells and bacteria. In practice, this test is no longer commonly done by urologists since it often doesn't influence which antibiotics are prescribed. Another condition, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, involves chronic pelvic pain for at least 3 of the prior 6 months in the absences of identifiable causes. Again, it's a diagnosis of exclusion which means that patients would need their doctor to rule out other causes (urogenital cancer, etc.). This condition is often treated with various combinations of a class of medication known as alpha blockers, antibiotics, and finasteride. As for the prostate massage, it was the most common treatment for chronic prostatitis before the advent of antibiotics. There are a number of potential risks associated with it. I don't know anything about the safety of devices ordered on the internet for external prostate massage. You should definitely discuss this with your doctor before engaging in its use.

  • patrick

    Try roasted unsalted pumpkin seeds( several hand fulls through out the day), green tea, several glasses a day( my only drink of the day), tomato juice before I go to bed and plenty of blue berries on cereal and salads. My PSA dropped from 10.5(2010), to 5.6(2011) and 5.4(2012)

    • Doc Haley

      With that high of a PSA I would have thought your doctor would have been running all over the place telling you that you had prostate cancer. Did/do you have it? Or is what I have read lately about the PSA test not being an accurate determining factor of prostate cancer?

    • Terry Cobb

      Cereal has gleuten be selective always wash your fruit well and buy the freshest tea you can find

  • Greg

    What about daily emission to reduce prostate size???

  • franci

    Hi im Franci 15 years old boy i wanted to ask a question for increased prostate.My father 2 weeks befre went to the doctor and he was diagnozed for a increased prostate in a volume almoust 40-45 cm but in very beginig of he had infections in kidneys after that the doctor discovered that he had the prostate increased.Please tell me how to reduce the prostate of my father what he should do to reduce it with foods ? What can he eat ? im very worried to him.if you have free time please give me some tips to my address email. Thank you.

  • Lynn Peter Kropf

    I have an enlarged prostate. Can you please help me.

  • Ian Bell

    I had been diagnosed with BPH about 5 years ago. I am now 67 and recently started a diet of a Whey protein shake for breakfast a light lunch, usually a tiny pack of noodles and steamed fish and vegetables including one cooked tomato for dinner. In addition I drink a few cups of green tea throughout the day. I also sprinkle flax seeds on my meals (2 tablespoons per day) I drink 1 glass of pomegranate juice. Lately I noticed I don't need to visit the bathroom during the night. My PSA reading was 3.3 when I had it checked in Nov 2012 which had climbed from 1.4 in 2008. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 67 (my age) and died at age 70 so I am doing all I can. I am happy to read that I am following much of what has been suggested above ie: Lycopene omega fatty acids etc. I encourage all those who have an enlarged prostate or anyone who has family history of the condition to do likewise. It seems like I am benefiting from my efforts and it is natural and a healthy lifestyle. However this is only an aid and should always be done in conjunction with regular check ups and.advice from your doctor. In addition I am exercising more and losing weight and all that helps I believe. I will go again for PSA check up in May 2013. I prefer to have it checked every six months from now on. Hoping by then there is a reduction in my PSA levels.

    • david

      Hi, I had a couple of biopsies in 2011 and 2012 that showed prostate cancer in 7 of the 12 samples, all where gleeson 6(3+3), my psa at the time was 7.5. I changed my life style, diet - Budwig, Chinese herbs - exercise, sunshine, spiritual health - Reiki, 4 months ago I did a prostate MRI scan, which didn't detect any abnormalities, the doctor even commented how healthy and unblemished my prostate looked, my psa now hovers around 4. The whole journey's been and still is a real roller coaster. I'm not sure how much the medical profession understands about the dynamics of cancer, but I think human consciousness which is the source of all awareness and knowledge of our known universe has far more influence over what's happening in our bodies than we acknowledge, so if I'm prepared to take that responsibility and try to deal with the causes rather than the symptoms, but maybe that's not something that would be encouraged by the medical community as it's hard to patent and not very profitable. I still have good days and bad days, I still have that constant fear, always looking for signs and feeling lonely, but I'm not the same person I was, I've come a long way, I have a far deeper understanding and appreciation of who and what I am, and the power that I have to determine my own fate.

      • Brady

        Hi, I would like to share my current experience because I see some similarities. I am 49 years old and healthy, not over weight, eat mostly well and exercise. I've had an elevated PSA and enlarged prostate since at least 2009 when I became aware of it. My PSA was 2.55 in 2009 and at the last screening it was 3.86. Doctors want me to do the biopsy, I have not agreed to do it yet. I have trouble urinating and started the flow max medicine about two weeks ago and it helps. Today my PVR test was 49 which is good. It was much higher before the flow max. I get dizzy on flow max and have a hard time staying on it. For two weeks I have been on a vegan raw food diet and am doing that one more week which includes juicing. I really don't want to do the biopsy. Hope the PSA goes down on the next test due to the diet. I loved hearing that you had an MRI scan - I would rather do that but doesn't sound like Kaiser will do that. I would like to know more about how you feel you've improved your situation. Brady

      • Robert

        Hi Brady, my PSA was 13 and other blood work pointed to cancer even though there was no history in my family, I had the biopsy done they took 20 samples and all of them were clear, worth doing as you will sleep at night. It was a little uncomfortable for a few days but not painfully, may be different for others though. Rob

      • parker

        ...can you kindly be more specific regarding yur diet. What food you eat. What supplements and vitamins you take, etc.

    • parker

      Hello Ian.....Can you tell me what your latest PSA score is? Mine went from 3.27 to 4.1 in 6 months. Now another 6 months later it rose to 6.1. Had a recent biopsy, showed cancer in 3 out of the 12 cores with a gleason score of 6. I lost my Father to prostate cancer. He was 75. My Father's Father is believed to have passed from prostate cancer a well. I STRONGLY urge you to get a biospy done as soon as possible. I am 59 years old and diabetic. I controll my diabeties with supplements and diet......with great success. I now use very little insulin. I work out 3 times a week at a Wellness Center. I have recently gone to a no red meat diet. I eat like you, veggies, no fried foods and no dairy. I have lost 6 lbs. so far (2weeks). I spend 3-4 hours daily researching (internet) appropriate treatment for my prostate cancer. I am big on a more holistic approach for treatment. I take many (17) different supplements....most recently, Zyflamend....please check it out. Hope we can become friends. Sincerely, Parker


    what is this Saw Palmetto?kindly give me a complete details coz i am also suffering my prostate,my PSA is about 14.9cc please help me,this is my e mail add,thank you

  • Freddie B

    Hello Everyone, I am a 53 year old man suffering from an enlarged prostrate. My urologist has prescribed Finasteride and Tamusolin which I have been taking for the last few months. My results have been inconsistent at best with these medicines. Reviewing input from all of you I will consider the alternatives identified. Actually, my next doctor's visit is a week away and I will share anything that assist others.

  • bill allen

    PSA has moved 6.5 to 8.5 in past two years will recheck in July. Dr recommends low fat diet & activity. I am 68 & had a cl ear biopsy 2 years ago which was not pleasant. I eat pumpkin seeds & lots of tomatoes. what more should I do?

  • Frank

    Jarret. I have been diagnosed with Enlarged Prostate about two years ago. I am now on Finasteride 5 mg and Tamsulosen HCL 0.4mg. I also drink lots of water which does make me go more. I am concerned as to weather these are working or not. I have also been told that this can be shrunk by had. Is this possible and what would the results be? I do not want to go around the rest of my life with a bag attached to my leg. Would this be possible. No casater???

  • Mohamed R

    Mohamed R I have been suffering from this sickness for the last three years and I am taking urimax 0.5mg one daily but i find no improvements. The surgeon advised me that a surgery will make me more complicated since i am in my 60s. Can Some one advise me on this please. my email address

  • Mohamed R

    I am having this disease for the last three years, and the doctor advised me to take urimax 0.5 mg daily, but I did not feel better still the same problem faced with. Even a surgery is recommendable is the advice from our doctor as this will be complicated. Kindly can some one give me a good advise to my email address -

    • John

      I got to the point I could hardly Urinate, I mean I went out drank lots of fluid and when I had to go I couldn't, I took Saw Palmetto and within a few weeks I was Urinating fine, I found too that laying of Soft drinks especially at night helped, and one other thing that seems to work is Cayenne Pepper look it up and do some research, I also understand that the pepper helps with high blood pressure and has been known to destroy Prostate cancer cells while not harming any good cells.

  • Steve

    I have a history of prostate problems on both sides of my family. I used to have a problem with urinating, especially last thing at night. I could seem to lie in bed without the pressure on my bladder. I would get up a few times to try and pass that very small amount of urine left, or nothing would come out at all. But I would still have the desire to urinate. Here is the weird part. I know having sex means the prostate works during orgasm but being single at my age, 58, is a problem. Taking care of things myself is the only solution, so for a healthy prostate I do it. 3 times a week att least. Yes, having the motivation is not easy, but since starting this I no longer have the problems with urinating that I used to. My theory may no be correct but if the gland does not get used as it is supposed to then surely that is not good

  • DJW

    I am looking for new natural suggestions, in addition to those mentioned, for stabilizing or shrinking enlarged prostate. Are there side effects to high doses of lycopene? I've had some success at reducing the symptoms of BPH using higher than normal application of saw palmetto and stinging nettle. EZEEFLOW tea is very effective for improving urinary flow.

  • Glenn

    Would drinking 2 cups of coffee per day contribute to enlarged prostate? What dietary products aggravate the condition?

  • Cynmark24

    Other than having an after-urination dribble for years, I had no reason to suspect an enlarged prostate. Then earlier this week, I went fom "fine" to havig sudden extreme urges to urinate, followed by only a small amount coming out. Woke up hourly that night to urinate. Going to a urologist in the morning. Also experienced feeling hot and chilly. From what I have read here, there are no sure thing drugs and no sure thing nutritionla supplements. I am 63.

    • Traile Meyer

      So, I looked at herbal remedies. Saw Palmetto as an ingredient showed up all over the internet. The Mayo Clinic web site identified strong scientific evidence supporting Saw Palmetto as an effective treatment for an enlarged prostate. Plus, there was no sign of side effects or toxicity. I bought this formula from Dr Max Powers online called the Prostate Complete. I take a full dose of the Dr Max Powers tablets daily and I do not have any problems, symptons or side effects now for years.

  • Ed F

    Today I saw a urologist for the first time due to a worsening of BPH which I've had for several years. I believe I had an infection in the bladder which meant 9 trips to the bathroom in one night. My PSA score was 6.5. I believe the problem with me is hypertension (high blood pressure) which has also caused small hemorrhages on the back of one eye and I have had secondary polycythemia (thick blood) for over 16 years, which no doubt accounts for the high blood pressure. My big problem is that I have a lowered immune system due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I cannot tolerate any strong medication and many foods, such as wheat and cows dairy. My own doc prescribed the lowest dose of Doxazosin (reduces BP and prostate size by relaxing blood vessels) and one tablet made me ill for two days. I had similar reactions to four other blood pressure reducing drugs. I don't drink and I'm a vegetarian,about 20 pounds overweight and 64 years old. I'm due back to hospital soon for a bladder exam and an ultrasound kidney check. Any ideas on how I can reduce my blood pressure? All I can think of is weight loss and lots of exercise, The latter will not be so easy I live in Scotland.

    • Gary DesJardins

      I've seen some great movies on becoming Plant Strong (Forks over Knives). You say you are a Vegetarian, but becoming a Vegan may help you. Also look into "The Gerson Therapy". Hope it helps.

      • Ed F

        I'm not sure a vegan diet would improve things,. I read that a high protein diet is supposed to help, along with lots of vegetables. If I gave up goats dairy and eggs, can't see where I'd get much protein..? I only eat 3 eggs a week now. I'll check out your recommendation, though. Thanks. Ed F..

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