Do Shoe Inserts Help to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms?

Do Shoe Inserts Help to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms?

I am not really sure why it is, but one of my older posts on women’s shoes and arthritis remains as my most popular post of all time on this blog.

If my blog readers are interested in the association between footwear and knee arthritis, then why not provide some more information on this topic even though this blog is primarily about dietary supplements?


Lateral Wedge Shoe Inserts and Arthritis Pain:

I recently came across a pilot study which explored the efficacy of lateral shoe wedge inserts on patients with medial (inner) knee osteoarthritis.  A pilot study is basically a small study and in this case the study was comprised of only 28 patients.  These pilot studies are used to essentially save money determine if further larger studies are warranted.

The results of this study suggest that measures of knee pain, stiffness, and function were all improved in patients who wore lateral wedge inserts in shock absorbing shoes.  The question remains…  Are you gellin?

“Significant improvements were observed in all three WOMAC subscales (pain, stiffness, and function). Pain scores were significantly reduced for the most challenging activity-stair climbing. Subjects wore insoles daily and tolerated them well. The results of this study indicated that lateral-wedge insoles inserted into shock-absorbing walking shoes are an effective treatment for medial compartment knee [osteo] arthritis (Fang et al, 2006).”

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