Natural Remedies For the Common Cold

For those of us in colder climates, many of us have already battled the common cold this season.  Though generally not a serious illness for those who’re otherwise healthy, the common cold can be a nuisance. Keep reading to find out some natural cold remedies that have been evaluated in randomized controlled trials. What Are… Read More

Common Dietary Supplements Used by Elite Athletes

For my 4rth article in my series of articles on dietary supplements that may help to improve athletic performance, I am going to review a recent study published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine (Erdman et al, 2007) which reviews common dietary supplements used by elite Canadian athletes. Though it is generally accepted that… Read More

Echinacea Alters Erythropoietin Levels?

Echinacea and Erythropoietin? This is the second post in my series of articles on dietary supplements that may improve athletic performance. Though Echinacea is commonly used in the hopes of preventing the common cold, this article discusses its role as an ergogenic aid for endurance athletes. Blood doping, the process of artificially increasing the amount… Read More