Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief?

For those looking for natural arthritis treatments or joint pain remedies the task can be daunting.  Chances are if you’re searching Google for joint pain supplements, you’re going to land on a page that’s trying to sell you something…  This isn’t one of those pages. Osteoarthritis (not to be confused with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune… Read More

Does Weather Affect Your Arthritis Pain?

One common question patients often ask themselves is if cold weather actually makes their arthritic joints ache?  Is there any scientific merit behind what many either consider just a wives’ tale or simply common sense? According to various research studies, I’m not alone.  Studies suggest that people who have arthritis often assert that weather conditions… Read More

What Impact Does Weight Loss Have on Arthritis Symptoms?

Based on the current available evidence, we’re smack-dab in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Rates of obesity are skyrocketing in the United States, in particular. Researchers currently believe that obesity itself is probably the single most important risk factor for developing osteoarthritis of the knee. As to why obesity increases your risk of arthritis… Read More

Does Creatine Improve Arthritis Symptoms?

Creatine supplementation is almost turning into the Aspririn® of the supplement industry.  No, it’s not quite a complete parallel in terms of why people supplement with creatine, but new uses are often being found for this traditional sports supplement.  Either way, I guess it’s too late for the slogan, “Creatine, the wonder supplement that works… Read More

Does Glucosamine Affect Diabetes or Blood Sugar Levels?

Glucosamine is a commonly used ingredient in many dietary supplement products formulated for promoting joint health. If you are considering using a glucosamine supplement, make sure that you read the supplemental facts on the back. In particular, you’ll want to ensure that the product contains glucosamine sulfate as opposed to… Read More

Does Purple Passion Fruit Peel Extract Ease Arthritis Pain?

Osteoarthritis is an exceedingly common condition that affects over 20 million Americans.  As we age, our chances of developing osteoarthritis continue to increase. Generally regarded as the ‘wear and tear’ type of arthritis, factors such as joint injuries among others can lead to its development. For those who suffer from this condition, previous research suggests… Read More

S-Adenosyl Methionine for Arthritis

What is S-Adenosyl Methionine or SAMe? S-adenosyl methionine or SAMe, for short, is a common dietary supplement ingredient found in products with potential benefits for improving quality of mood, promoting liver health, in addition to potentially relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis or joint pain.  It also has potential benefits in relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia. S-adenosyl methionine… Read More